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CDE D2 serverroom

Almost all GPU servers (astra 2→9) are located in this room, where each server is provided whith redundant power supply and fast internet access and enough cool air. Recently (03/2018) the new storage server sto3 moved there as well and the configuration looks like this:

rack number
rack ls.6.3
device rack location
Netgear 10GB switch U17
sto3 U13-16
astra-tesla-9 U11-12
astra-tesla5-8 U7-10
astra-tesla-4 U5-6
astra-tesla-3 U3-4
astra-tesla-2 U1-2

Tesla-9 and sto3 are connected via 10GB ethernet NIC's and the Netgear switch. Later on we can connect the other tesla's as well to t his fast 10GB switch. This combination gives fast access to data stored on the storage server (e.g. uploaded data from partners), for calculations on the GPU server, as well as output data on the storage server, provided the given mount points over the 10GB switch are used.

root@sto3:~# ethtool ens5f1 | grep Speed
        Speed: 10000Mb/s

For astra-9 →

[vlab@astra-tesla-9 ~]$ sudo ethtool ens1f1 | grep Speed
        Speed: 10000Mb/s

We use the network for this fast interface. So if you want nfs to go via this interface, you have to specify the correct network interface.

server ipv4

10GB switch

To use these 10GB NIC cards, we need a switch with the same capacity. → Netgear XS716E-100NES , referenced in this invoice
TODO This switch is a managed switch, and has MAC address 9C:3D:CF:F6:F6:1A. We still need to assign a proper ip address to gain access to this switch.

We have to find out how we can connect the astra-tesla-5-9 with this switch. This modular server maybe doesn't the possibility to extend it with a second NIC card.

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