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new workstation

  1. Make a choice via the website . Find the login in document located Pintra→ICT somewhere. Standard config is XPS workstation with Intel i7.
  2. We need a powerfull workstation, with an nvidia graphical card. Also qwerty keyboards (international students), a headset, and 2 displays. i opted for a Dell U2415 display, which has some more pixels in the vertical resolution, and thus more practical for programmers and alike.
  3. Each workstation needs 64G of memory, so the standard configs at the dell premier site won't be sufficient. You have to send an email to our contacts at Dell, which are and and ask for an offer !!!
  4. You need a budget code for the PC → ask Christine ( or Jan or the responsible who asked for the workstation.
  5. Send the dell offer and the budget code to the secretary ( Se will process this and do the necessary to order the workstation, via the financial services of UAntwerpen.
  6. On receipt of the workstation, check that everything is complete, and give the papers to Tanya.
  7. When you have an account name for the person who is going to use the workstation (check with Christine ), you have to bring the PC to Paul Philipssens (, Lokaal B.011 03/2652250), who is going to do a normal install on the workstation, with all the usual apps (office, outlook, mathlab (ask for that!!), etc..) and specific language (English, Dutch?). It is always a good idea to reserve a part of the harddisk ( SSD ) for a linux partition, as some students are more proficient with linux and prefer to work with. We have good experience with Linux Mint.
  8. You get an email form Paul when the installation has completed.
  9. Fetch the workstation and install it on the correct location.
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