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We have three sorts of servers at visionlab, those primarly intended for storage → storage servers, and servers for more specific services like websites, source control, etc → web servers, and last but not least, the servers with GPU's intended for calculations.
We will first give a general overview of the servers (location, services ,etcc.). For a more specific reference, you have to follow the indicated links.

web servers

name location rack services OS status N1.07 Rack1 U24 cadans app
redmine server
Debian online N1.07 Rack1 U26 visielab website
Cloud storage (nextcloud)
Inventory management
Ubuntu online

storage servers

We have 2 storage servers, with 2 corresponding backup servers. They both use the very reliable filesystem ZFS, which permits us to easy expand the storage area, set user quota's, etc.. The next table summarizes names, physical locations and OS.

name location rack services OS status CDE.N1.07 Rack1 U9-12 file services via SMB/SFTP FreeBSD online ? ? backup of sto1 FreeBSD online CMI.serverroom Rack4 U5-9 file services via NFS/SMB/SFTP Ubuntu online CDE.N1.07 Rack1 U13-16 backup of sto3 Ubuntu online

GPU servers

name location rack status CMI.serverroom Rack4 U10-11 online
astra-tesla-[5-8] CMI.serverroom Rack4 U01-04 online CMI.serverroom Rack14 U40-41 online CMI.serverroom Rack14 U38-39 online CMI.serverroom Rack14 U36-37 online

Intel Phi server

This is a server equiped with a Phi coprocessor, and 2 Xeons

name location rack OS status CDE N1.07 (on the table against the window - Scientific OS online
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