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User administration

To easy the creation of users, I made a couple of bash scripts that do all the magic. They are located in the directory /usr/local/bin and are called and These users will be mounted on all tesla servers.

add a user

We can create a user, assign some groups, create its home directory, set a quota, store in the openldap database, all in one script. Example:

./ jsanctorum2 "Jonathan Sanctorum" adam 500G ********

User jsanctorum2 with password *** will be created and given the homedir /data/home/jsanctorum2. the quota on this directory will be 500G, and the user will be part of the adam group. The complete name and an email address can be given as well. Run the command without any parameters to get some help.

Usage : ./ username fullname email extragroups quota password

extragroups can be more than one, separated by a colon(,) and without any spaces. Finally, this script will add some extra entries in openldap to enable automount for the homedir of the user.

delete a user

removes the given user from openldap en destroys its dataset, with eventual data as well!!! handle with care!!!

root@sto3:/usr/local/bin# ./ testuser2
removing user testuser2 and the dataset of the user data/home/testuser2
Are you sure you want to do this ? y
destroying dataset of user testuser2...
cannot open 'data/home/testuser2': dataset does not exist
removing automount entry from ldap database....
ldap_delete: No such object (32)
        matched DN: ou=auto.home,ou=automount,ou=adminm,dc=visielab,dc=be
removing testuser2 from ldap database
User does not exist: testuser2

In this example, the user testuser2 did not exist anymore. You get the necessary warnings and questions before the bash script does the removal.

generate a password

./ generates random passwords, which includes a numerical and a capitalized character, 8 characters long.

root@sto3:/usr/local/bin# ./ 
Aeg2Supa Ohsho6go as7aeQui Lohs8cie aeL6Eis3 oa8Ahhae mi0aiS4U rahvo1Ch wah4Usuo me3eeWeu

existing users

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