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visionlab website

The visonlab website is located on one of the LXC containers visiesrv2. For the moment being, visielab-test hosts the visielab website. Is made with Drupal 7.x. Original design by Toon Huysmans . Contains the Biblio .module. It may be necessary to apply this patch for drupal →

  • database mysql root password ••••••••••
  • backup script is located in /usr/local/bin
  • drupal website located at /var/www/visielab
  • drupal administrators :
Jan Sijbers
Ben Jeurissen
Christine Waerebeek
Nikolas Garofil
Nathalie Ruys
Paul Scheunders
Arjan den Dekker
Toon Huysmans
Jan De Beenhouwer
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